Arctic CLEAR Window and Mirror Deicer


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  • Effective Melting temperature: -42°C (-44°F)
  • Colour: Clear
  • Effect on Environment: SAFE
  • Effect on Flooring: SAFE
  • Effect on Concrete: SAFE
  • Effect on Vegetation / Landscaping: Use with caution
  • Effect on Soil Structure: Use with caution
  • Effect on Water table: Use with caution
  • Tracking & Soiling: NONE
  • Safe to Handle: SAFE
  • Extends Freeze Thaw: NO
  • Health Hazard: Spray should not be inhaled
  • Safe Around Children: Use with caution
  • Safe Around Pets: Do not use around pets
  • Safe Around Aquatic Life: NO
  • Corrosion Level: NONE
  • Corrosion Inhibitor: NO
  • Shelf Life: AVERAGE
  • Caking (When exposed to humidity): NO
  • Completely Chloride and Urea Free: YES
  • EED Building Compliant: NO